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  • Omega 3 Toast

    Omega 3 Toast

    Rich Bake is launching its new healthy toast; the Omega-3 Toast (Product will be delivered frozen)

    21.00 $
  • Low Carb Toast

    Low Carb Toast

    Low carbohydrates mainly help the pancreas secretes the insulin hormone to lower and control the amount of blood glucose to stay at its normal limit which avoids the body from burning fats (Product will be delivered frozen)

    30.00 $
  • Breading Mix Fine

    Breading Mix Fine

    The fine breading mix Rich Bake offers is for a more refined taste offering a lighter experience

    14.25 $
  • Breading Mix Crunchy

    Breading Mix Crunchy

    The Crunchy Breading Mix Rich Bake offers is an extremely special joy. The premium quality of ingredients used in the breading mix is what makes it extremely yummy when it is mixed with chicken or veal.

    13.00 $
  • Breading Mix Spicy

    Breading Mix Spicy

    The spicy breading mix Rich Bake offers is one of a kind. The intensity of the flavor gives an amazing taste to all types of foods, whether it’s fried chicken or fried veal, the spicy element added to the flavor gives it an appetizing taste.

    16.00 $
  • Pound Cake Chocolate

    Pound Cake Chocolate

    For chocolate lovers, Rich Bake’s Chocolate Pound Cake combines the deliciousness of cocoa flavor with the classic butter pound cake. Its finest quality of chocolate offers an extremely satisfying taste that chocolate lovers will truly love and appreciate.

    20.00 $
  • Pound Cake Vanilla

    Pound Cake Vanilla

    Rich Bake’s Vanilla pound cake is one of a kind. The unique vanilla flavor with the softness of the cake offer an exceptional taste. The freshness and the delicious smell of Rich Bake’s Vanilla Pound cake are special and just hard to resist.

    20.00 $
  • Pound Cake Marble

    Pound Cake Marble

    Rich bake did not forget to include the all-time-favorite marble pound cake in its range, as it’s one of the most loved cakes that brings a nostalgic feel. Rich Bake Marble Pound Cake is very moist and combines the taste of chocolate and vanilla together in a mouthwatering delightful way that only Rich Bake’s superior quality can proudly offer.

    20.00 $
  • Muffins Chocolate with chocolate chips

    Muffins Chocolate with chocolate chips

    Rich Bake’s chocolate muffins are the yummiest there could be. The indulging chocolate flavor complimented by the rich chocolate chips offers a unique taste.

    16.00 $
  • Muffins Vanilla with Chocolate chips

    Muffins Vanilla with Chocolate chips

    The vanilla and chocolate chips muffins are the tastiest snack you can find. The rich taste of the chocolate chips with the freshness of the vanilla is insanely delicious, and it’s no wonder considering the quality of the ingredients used.

    16.00 $
  • Muffins Multigrain

    Muffins Multigrain

    Rich Bake’s multigrain muffins are especially made for people who are looking for a healthier and lighter snack in the middle of the day. It is an extremely delicious and satisfying treat, and leaves you happy and guilt-free at the same time.

    16.00 $
  • Crunchy Toast - Plain

    Crunchy Toast - Plain

    The crunchy plain toast offered by Rich bake offers a crunchy alternative to regular toast. Specially designed with better spreading capability. It’s a delight to use with any type of spread be it sweet or savory.

    17.00 $


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