With Love

this is

rich bake


We are Pioneers of the Egyptian baking industry who operate with integrity, team spirit, and ownership.

Our products are consistently made with the highest quality of freshly baked, healthy, safe and hygienic products.



To be the trusted Group of choice, building on our core values, people and expertise.



  •  To deliver exceptional standard of healthy / safe products and providing the highest quality service to our customers.
  • To attract, develop and retain the best employees in the bakery industry.
  • To support the communities in which we operate.
  • To adhere to our core values of passion, integrity, conservatism, knowledge and food safety culture.
  • In following our mission, we believe that we will be able to achieve consistently superior returns to our shareholders.

Our 6 F’s VALUES

The group is committed to live its values ​​and principles when carrying out its business activities, all employees of the group will adhere to these values ​​in decisions making and business behavior in general.

These values are:

– Full commitment to provide the best product for all social levels
– Fully dedicated in our client’s service
– Fully committed to our employees
– Fully committed to our responsibility towards our society
– Frequently striving to develop ourselves
– Fully committed in achieving rewarding returns for our shareholders

Modern Bakeries uses a state-of-the-art, fully automated, computer-controlled system operated by a comprehensively trained workforce. Unlike the traditional Egyptian methods of baking – in which people touch the bread, the Rich Bake label guarantees that the first hands to touch any of our products will be your own.
Our respect for these core values is as important as any of the fine ingredients that go into our baking. It is the key to ensuring that you and your family can trust in the name Rich Bake, and enjoy all the delicious and healthy products we have to offer with total peace of mind.