Is Rich Bake bread good for me?

Bread is the stuff of life. Carbohydrates, which mostly make up bread, provide the energy we need to get through the day. But there's more to Rich Bake than this. Not only do we use the highest quality flour, but we fortify that flour so that it provides even more nutritional benefits. Furthermore, we offer certain products which provide extra nutrition, these include our range of brown bread, that contains wheat bran, which helps with digestion and our Milk Toast Bread that focuses on providing extra calcium, which is an essential mineral for strengthening bones and teeth. Of course, healthy nutrition also comes from what you eat with the bread and so we provide suggestions for healthy recipes on our website as well as for Rich Bake Club members. Nevertheless, because, as aforementioned, Rich Bake bead in itself is highly nutritious, we always like to maintain that; forget about the filling: it's Rich Bake!

Does Rich Bake intend to introduce any new products in the near future?

At Rich Bake, we are constantly thinking of new products which we believe are new ways to satisfy our customers. Additionally, we also want to give our customers the chance to tell us what they want out of Rich Bake. As such, we developed the Rich Bake Club which, in addition to giving you all kinds of information about the Rich Bake family of products, it gives you the chance to tell us what you'd like to see from Rich Bake in the future and to take part in the taste tests of new products. If you want to stay on the edge of Rich Bake product development, then you should join the Rich Bake Club.

How does Rich Bake ensure the hygiene of its products?

Hygiene is Rich Bake's primary concern. At our state-of-the-art factory in Sixth of October City, we've fully automated the baking process so that your hand is the first to touch your purchased Rich Bake product! Moreover, we have ensured that our staff remains amongst the most stringent hygiene standards by requiring them to wear protective clothing, hairnets and facemasks throughout the whole production process.

What type of preservatives Rich Bake use?

Rich Bake uses one type of preservative (anti-fungus) called calcium proportionate that is the calcium salt of proponic acid, which essentially exists naturally in some food and this thus indicates that it has no harmful effects on human health. Moreover, Rich Bake's use of such a preservative does not exceed 0.2% of the total weight of the product as required by Egyptian standard specifications and legislation whereas international standards actually range between 0.3-0.5%‬‬‬.

Are Rich Bake Products Fresh ?

Rich Bake delivers newly baked bread packages to supermarkets on a daily basis to guarantee the freshness of its products. Also, Rich Bake products hold a shelf life of only 5 days which ensures that there is a regular arrival of its freshly baked products at all times.

Why brown toast is bitter?

The outer part of the wheat grain has a relativity bitter taste. However, we are keen to adjust the mixture to somewhat alleviate its naturally bitter taste. Remember, it is foremost about what our customers seek from Rich Bake.

Where can I find Rich Bake products?

You can find Rich Bake products in most supermarkets such as Carrefour, Metro, Hypermarket and countless others.

Is Rich Bake Egyptian?

Yes, Rich Bake is 100% Egyptian and proud. As such, everything is handled locally from the acquisition of high quality raw materials to the manufacturing and assemblage of our products.